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We are seeing the emergence of a robust private sector led by young local entrepreneurs, whose rapid adoption of emerging technologies continues to boost the continent’s growth potential. Advances in information and communication technologies offer new business opportunities for young Africans. From the backyards of Nairobi, Kampala to Accra, youth-led companies are bringing the latest technology to fields as diverse as education, agriculture, and health.

However, for a continent with so much potential, Africa risks missing out on growth opportunities if there is no framework for funding grassroots innovation.



We inspire young people to think solutions to the continent’s most pressing problems. We co-founded an innovation space, Hub Accra to help young people innovate through collaboration.


Using a unique hybrid crowdfunding model, we fund these innovations with a mix of angel investors and a large pool of micro-investments from a wider African middle class investor community.


Through our partnerships with global impact investors, start-ups that go on to achieve a proof of concept get funded to scale their impact across all of Africa.

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Building An African Innovation Ecosystem


Building next-generation of African businesses together

What We Do

SliceBiz provides an easy-to-use web-based investment platform that can be used by anyone to make ‘micro investment’ transactions. Users create an ‘angel investor’ account linked to their mobile money accounts, bank accounts or credit cards. SliceBiz ensures maximum security and protects both parties against fraudulent transactions. For startups, this means they can get access to a whole new funding source which aggregates small investments from a large pool of “accredited” investors.

We’ve developed a hybrid approach. SliceBiz is using accredited investors in Angel networks to validate companies by allowing angels to first provide part of the startups funding before turning to the larger middle class group to ask for smaller investments.

It is an approach that leverages investments of recognized business leaders whilst at the same time keeping the threshold of investments low enough to encourage a wider public participation and spreading the risks.

In the future, SliceBiz hopes to support startups raise funding by pre-selling their products. Our model is built on a sound understanding of the African market.


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William Edem Senyo - CEO

Co-Founder of Hub Accra. Kairos Society Fellow. Africa 2.0 Chapter Head. Alum of BA Ungrounded -first innovation lab in the sky. Lover of all things African.
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Heather Cochran - Co-Founder

Co-Founder of Hub Accra. Co-Believer, Next Wave Women’s Pitch Competition. Kairos Society Fellow. TEDx Mentor. Humanitarian.
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John Paul Parmigiani - Global Community Director

Co-Founder of Hub Accra. Social Entrepreneur. Creative. Loves Travel.
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Ekwow Spio-Garbrah - Board Chair

ICT Expert, diplomat, entrepreneur and politician. Former CEO of Commonwealth Communications Organization. Previously served on boards of AnglogoldAshanti, Vodacom SA and others
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Jon Gosier - Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist. Founder of @D8AGroup, @Appfrica and @UpstreamHQ. Data in Frontier Markets.
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John Roberts - Advisor

Founded and running a blended format university in West Africa. Co-Founder of Hub Accra. WEF Global Shaper. Sandbox. Kairos Fellow.


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